Staar Visian Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

Imagine being able to enjoy life without worrying about your glasses or contacts. The Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) by STAAR Surgical Company offers you freedom from nearsightedness. With the Visian ICL, you could enjoy the beauty of a sunset, go snorkeling and observe amazing sea life, see a friend's smile from across the room, or simply sit anywhere in a movie theater without having to fuss with glasses or contacts.

What is the Visian ICL?

The Visian ICL gives another option for treating myopia through eye surgery. The Visian ICL is a phakic intraocular lens (IOL) that is implanted inside the eye. Unlike IOLs that are used during cataract surgery, the Visian ICL does not replace the eye's natural lens. Instead, the Visian lens is placed between the iris and the natural lens, leaving the natural lens intact. Because the phakic IOL does not replace the lens, but supplements it like a prescription contact lens, it is referred to as an "implantable contact lens". Unlike LASIK or PRK, the Visian ICL implantation does not permanently change the shape of the eye. Also, the Visian ICL may improve your quality of vision better than many other refractive procedures.

This type of lens is called "phakic" because your eye retains its natural lens, whereas "pseudophakic" refers to the removal of the natural lens, such as occurs during cataract surgery. Allowing your natural lens to stay in place retains its ability to "accommodate" or see objects that are both near and far without glasses. Although the Visian phakic IOL is intended to be permanent, the procedure is potentially reversible. Now, patients who are seeking the latest approved procedures for vision correction or who want to avoid the permanence of laser vision correction have another choice for correction of nearsightedness.

The Visian Quality of Vision:

The "high definition" quality of vision produced by the Visian ICL makes this proven, technologically advanced vision correction procedure the choice for patients who need and expect high quality results. The U.S. military has embraced the Visian ICL because of the visual clarity it achieves. The implantable collamer lens may be the ideal choice for patients with an active lifestyle and those who cannot accept anything less than high quality vision.

There is a difference between visual acuity (20/20 vision deemed as normal visual acuity) and visual quality. Visual acuity refers to your ability to see an image enough to know what it is, while visual quality refers to the sharpness and clarity of the image. Many refractive procedures offer the promise of improved visual acuity, but the quality may vary, based on which procedure you choose. The Visian ICL has a distinguished track record for bringing clarity of vision. When compared to other refractive surgical procedures, the Visian ICL results in a sharper clearer image, and a "WOW" factor that we love to see in the face of our patients.

If you cannot settle for sight that is "good enough" and demand high quality of vision, the Visian ICL may be the refractive procedure choice for you. Call Harvard Eye now to set your qualifying eye examination.

Corrects a Wider Range of Nearsightedness:

STAAR Surgical Company's Visian ICL can correct a wider range of myopia (nearsightedness) than LASIK or PRK. Also, if necessary, the Visian lens can be removed. After it has been implanted, a Visian ICL is invisible to you and others. It also requires no maintenance. The safety of the Visian ICL is proven, having been successfully implanted in over 55,000 eyes worldwide. The Visian lens implant is made from Collamer, a collagen copolymer. Collagen is the same naturally occurring substance present in all of your connective tissue as well as your eyes. It is highly biocompatible and is not recognized as a foreign object as a result of its unique makeup. The safety of the Visian ICL is proven and the results outstanding. Over 99 percent of patients in the clinical trial were satisfied with their vision after their Visian ICL procedure.

What Makes the Visian ICL Different?

Although the Visian ICL is informally defined as an implantable contact lens, the "ICL" in the Visian ICL actually stands for "Implantable Collamer Lens." This designation acknowledges the unique material that comprises the lens, a unique, organic lens material, designed especially for the Visian lens. This proprietary lens material has greater biocompatibility than acrylic and silicone lenses. The Visian ICL is also foldable, requiring a smaller incision during the surgical procedure than other available lenses.

High quality of vision - The Visian ICL not only improves your visual acuity, but it also enhances the quality of your vision by producing sharp, clear images.

Wide treatment range - In comparison to other refractive procedures, the Visian ICL offers the widest treatment range for treating myopia (-3.0 diopters to -20.0 diopters).

Foldable - Because the Visian ICL is foldable, a smaller incision is required during the procedure. This feature makes the procedure efficient (no sutures needed) and improves healing time.

Invisible - The placement of the Visian ICL into the posterior chamber of the eye makes the lens invisible to both the patient and even the closest observer.

Collamer composition - Used exclusively by STAAR Surgical Company, Collamer is made from collagen, which is a substance that naturally occurs in the body. This makes the Visian lens highly biocompatible with the eye.

Proven track record - Implanted in over 55,000 eyes worldwide, the safety and amazing improvement in vision quality of the Visian ICL has been proven over the last 15 years.

Mr. Srinivasan is an internationally certified ICL eye surgeon.

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